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Brooke Pettus RDH, BSDH, COMS

How Myofunctional Therapy and Ankyloglossia are Tied
An in-depth explanation of what Myofunctional therapy is, what a Myofunctional therapist does, how it differs from bodywork, and how it a large piece of the puzzle pre and post frenectomy to help patients achieve long-term optimal oral function.

Brooke Pettus RDH, BSDH, COMS 2019-02-11T12:48:19+00:00

Maria Parlapiano RN IBCLC

IATP Webinar "Balanced Baby Clinic"
Understand the integrative care model for the treatment of clients with oral tie issues. Identify the benefits of multiple hands CranioSacral Therapy for babies and family members. Explain the advantage of a team approach for both treatment and educational opportunities/support for families. Recognize the concept of whole family treatment.

Maria Parlapiano RN IBCLC 2019-02-05T16:41:52+00:00